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Part of a larger series of reported problems with the Will County clerk's office, Will County circuit clerk's office, and Will County Archives. Most records only allowed to be searched by employees, not by the public. Many records reportedly missing or misfiled. The excuse being presented by the archivist is that it's a privacy issue and researchers need written permission from the RBOE and the circuit clerk's office. No such privacy law actually exists, to our knowledge, especially given the age of these records.

Probably the Will County circuit clerk's office note: circuit clerk, not regular clerk. The county will only provide marriage certificates and denies that any marriage applications exist, and therefore will not provide them to the public. They claim these records are sealed to the public.

Illinois Genealogy -- Cook County and Chicago

This is the only known location of these records. Believed to be microfilm-only. The office moved into a smaller space and moved many record books that used to be available off the floor to the Will County Archives where they are now inaccessible. Records are on microfilm, but some may already be digitzied; however, public is denied access. The county's naturalization records, kept at the Will County Archives, are in very poor shape; records access was perviously open to the public with an appointment, but they are now denying access based on "condition". Unknown if they have ever been microfilmed probably not.

The state's birth index appears to be searchable through payment to the State, but is not generally open to the public for free open searches, and apparently not available on microfilm or web database. However, some counties have taken it upon themselves to place the typed-up county-level indices clearly taken from a computerized source, but presented as non-searchable PDF's on their local libraries' website for example, Greene county. The content of the actual birth certificates does not appear to be restricted; according to Indiana law IC the permanent birth records shall be open to public inspection unless the child was adopted.

But no post birth index information appears to be available.

Vital Records Online by State

Ancestry may be filming all old Indiana vital records; needs confirmation. Available onsite only. Older index is in books in five-year blocks, newer index is computerized and is year-by-year. Some of this data is online already. Older index is in five-year blocks, newer index is year-by-year. Not online, not on FamilySearch microfilms.

Some of this statewide data is made available by the archives through through the New England Historic Genealogical Society NEHGS -- they have the and the indices in book format at their library. Available on paper cards in a card catalog that is publicly available, but they have never been microfilmed nor scanned. Not available on FamilySearch microfilm. No birth index is available for Michigan yet. But it seems like their vital records laws don't define what a certificate is versus an index, and don't prohibit an index.

They give the Department of Health and Senior Services the right to make rules about access to the records. Can this be over-ruled by Michigan's state FOI law? Law Also Michigan has a really weird system whereby anyone can "verify" most pieces of data in a birth record by sending it in, with a fee. This is yet another case where there is no legal impediment to public access to certificates, but the staff at a courthouse throws up roadblocks, possibly to earn revenue.

The tipster who reported this also says: "once a week a "genealogist" comes in and if you have an appt and money she will print them out. Available only on-site at the New Jersey Archives in Trenton, on microfilm. Unknown if ever published in printed form. Index only available , handwritten.

Certificates are alphabetical by the surname within the year. This was struck down by the Third Circuit in the case Lee v. Minner, but it's still technically on the books in NJ. So to keep things simpler, a state resident should probably make this request. Docket indices are listed alphabetically in year blocks.

Genealogical Records (Other)

They are in printed books, but later years maybe 's? These scanned images are mostly available on FamilySearch both online and on microfilm , and were briefly available on Ancestry including an Ancestry-only transcribed index. But in late September , both the index and scanned images were removed from Ancestry without warning.

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Originals are also available at the New Jersey State Archives in Trenton, but only at cost; the Archives were apparently the ones to force Ancestry to remove their information. Available on one roll of microfilm at the New York State Archives, but not available anywhere else. No index available. Note that these are state-level peddlers' licenses, while most licenenses were garnted by cities and municipalities.

We should also look into getting those city-level licenses Also, these particular state licenses were only those granted to peddlers who were selling non-food goods from overseas suppliers. City of Albany births prior to are not included on the statewide microfiche birth index that is available at the various New York State libraries. Probably the Albany city clerk's office or the Albany county clerk's office. City of Albany marriages prior to are not included on the statewide microfiche death index that is available at the various New York State libraries.

The records were originally microfilmed, then were digitized. However, the county is refusing to make these digitized files available to the general public. Only staff members are allowed to browse the digitized versions and seem put out when asked to do it. Staff also stated they would not be made available online due to them being "court documents" despite both court documents and naturalization records from many other counties being available online. But this index isn't showing the actual images, which is what should be available under FOIL.

City of Buffalo births prior to are not included on the statewide New York State birth index that is available on microfiche at the various New York State libraries. Probably the Buffalo city clerk's office or the Erie county clerk's office. City of Buffalo marriages prior to about some sources previously said are not included in the New York State marriage index.

Available only on-site in a select number of New York State libraries, on microfiche not microfilm ; must be searched year-by-year. Where are the indices? Note that this request is for the index only. People who were born in state facilities such as prisons or mental hospitals are not in the index. Does not include Albany, Buffalo, or Yonkers prior to People who died in state facilities such as prisons or mental hospitals are not in the index.

The death index for is not included in this request because it is already available as a downloadable spreadsheet on the state's open data portal; it is updated every quarter. Available only at the New York State Archives. Series B Unlcear where the index is stored and in what format -- possbly at New York State Archives? Because of years involved, would not be surprised if this is part-microfilmed and part-digital. Not available on the State open data portal. New York divorce records are sealed for years, but the basic index might be available under FOIL.

Never been available to the public in any form. Not available in State or city open data portals. Not available on microfilm at any libraries. Not available in printed materials. TBD -- might be located in multiple localities, some overlapping cities, counties. Note that domestic partnerships in New York State do not just include same-sex couples who were denied marriage rights prior to July They also include opposite-sex couples who needed to register for benefits together. The index to NYS marriages that are more than 50 years old are available only on-site in a select number of New York State libraries, on microfiche not microfilm ; must be searched year-by-year.

Note that this request is for the index only, but based on the availability of actual marriage records to FamilySearch, it may be possible to do many separate FOIL requests to each county courthouse to get actual certificate copies.

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Available for individual ordering through the Department of Health, but not available as a group in the NYC Municipal Archives, although they should be, since they are now more than years old. Not available anywhere else, never microfilmed by FamilySearch nor freely available to researchers. These files were supposed to be turned over to the NYC Municipal Archives and become fully public once they were more than years old.

Yet the last batch of these certificates to be turned over were the certificates. Why have the certificates not been turned over and made public yet? Birth certificates delayed and "special" and "imperfect". Will need to sort out "ownership" issues.

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No known index exists for these records! Approximately rolls of microfilm, perhaps , births.