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Sometimes we loose Him, but He still remains, and loves us, no matter what we do. We all are born with love. But fear is nothing else than the desire for love. There is always love. And wanted to message her.

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That she might attack me again. And it was very painfull. Cause I believe that love always wins! It is a wonderful and timeless teaching.

What to Do When Someone Says Something That Hurts You

Thank you, Sal! I appreciate pointing this out! I bet there is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to be found. Thank you for sharing these experiences with us to help us learn about being more loving. I pray for you that God will bring you healing and peace. Thank you so much Taylor. People like you are such a gift! You know, I can endure those disgusting comments in some way. We always care about our appearance and totally forget that what counts the most, is our attitude. So, even if with baby steps, there is always the right time and place to make the world a little bit kinder.

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Lets start here and now! Thanks for your kind words, ladies. The little extra encouragement is much appreciated this week. Rachel, you have a gift and you are a gift! The way you process life, and weave together different events into a cohesive narrative that always leads the reader to deep life lessons, is truly inspired. And that idea of the pledge book is genius!

I have great admiration for you and big gratitude for our friendship. Thank you for being a steady and consistent light for me and thousands of others. What the world needs now is more people like you!!

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I am reading this at a time that I need it most. But what do you do when the person who inflicted the pain was someone you had considered a good friend?

Specifically, how do you interact with this person going forward? This person is someone who overlaps my life in so many ways — husbands are good friends, kids are in school together, we socialized as a family, etc. I want to rise above and learn as you say. But at the same time, the bell has rung and cannot be un-rung. How do you interact going forward with these people who have hurt you? Maria N. I am in a similar situation to yourself and am finding it hard as well.

I really feel for you, it is hurtful when a friend shows that she is not who you thought she was, but is still happy and bubbly with everyone else. I have made the decision to be friendly to her on the occasions when we are together.

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As for hanging out, she has distanced herself from me already, so I will leave it at that. Please know that you are not alone in this, maybe this is an opportunity to cement your relationships with family and other friends. That is what I am now trying to do. Good Luck. Here in the US, we just had an election, which has caused a wide rift among us Americans.

There is much I can do in my own community — rally and march, support local causes, talk to people with backgrounds different from my own, volunteer. I can see that person as a teacher showing me how I do not want to be. And I can use that mindset to teach my children. Thank you! Thank you!!?

[Serious] Most Hurtful Things Told By Friends - r/AskReddit #21

This is a powerful lesson and one I really need to learn and put into action in my life. Two years ago a neighbor who I thought was a friend began placing baited traps in her yard because neighborhood cats dug in her garden. I began keeping my cats indoors full time but just before Christmas my favorite escaped and disappeared.

Hurtful Words Quotes

I knew my neighbor had caught him in her trap and I begged for him back to no avail. She would not tell me what she did with him. He had been a Christmas gift for my daughter a few years before. We were devastated. For last two years I have held onto my hurt and my bitter anger toward my neighbor. But now I know, when we hold onto hurt it hurts US! Not the person who hurt us. With your lesson in mind, I will start to let it go and will set my neighbor in that group of people who teach who we do NOT want to be.

Thank you Rachel. I really needed this. Simply outstanding advice. Thank you.

What they meant to say: Looking beyond hurtful comments in grief - What's Your Grief

This is just what I needed to hear today! Thank you for taking the time to share your inspiring thoughts with us! Children give us great opportunities to become teachers. I am so sorry for when children become adults and must live with internet trolls. Learning early on how to cope with unpleasant disagreeable people is a great coping skill to acquire.

Even better… learning how to not respond to trolls via social media is an even greater skill to learn. Thank you for this article.

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Thank you so much for this life changing perspective. I try not to judge people but when they are hurtful, that is often our first response.. We might not do it publicly but we still think it. I love this idea of the pledge book — same for me and my daughter. She struggles at school with making friends and it breaks my heart — I want to fix it for her but I know she needs to work it out for herself and I just need to be there for her when she comes home from school.

We do happy and sads each night and I see this as an extension to that — turning the sads into positives, not things she then worries about in her sleep. Rachel, thank you once again for your wise words and wonderful lessons. Your posts especially recently, have come to me at just the moment I needed them most. Every time I read something you wrote, I learn a little more about the kind of person I want to strive to be and the kind of people I hope my students turn out to be.

Thank you for the positive voice in these often hard times.