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If your BAC is over a.

DUI, DWI & APC – Alcohol Offenses

You don't have to be driving to violate the law. Say you are drunk, sitting in the driver's seat, but parked on the street. Sorry, that's illegal. You'll face the same penalties as a DUI. In Oklahoma, a first DUI conviction within a year period is a misdemeanor charge. You have a right to a preliminary hearing within ten days of your arraignment. This isn't the trial. It's a hearing to show there's probable cause to believe you committed a felony. The prosecutor will call witnesses to testify under oath.

Your attorney can cross-examine them. If the judge binds you over for trial, new dates will be set for the superior court arraignment and trial. You've rejected any plea deals by the prosecutor and want to go to trial. At trial, the State must prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. An Oklahoma misdemeanor jury will consist of six people. An Oklahoma felony jury will consist of twelve people.

Trials can be very complex and consulting with an experienced DUI attorney is highly advisable, arguably well before this stage. Either your Oklahoma insurance company will raise your rates or your policy could be cancelled or not renewed.

Will spending the money to hire a "DUI Lawyer" get me a better deal?

Remember, it's best to never drink or use drugs and drive. Select a designated driver ahead of time who will stay sober. They focus instead on financial punishment and establish standard recommendations for plea bargains. Any experienced, conscientious trial lawyer "guru" or not will gather evidence from both sides and assess the strength of the case against you.

Oklahoma DUI Punishment

If a conviction is likely or certain, the terms of the deal will fall within a standard range of reason within which every lawyer will encourage his client to settle. You may ask: "Does Mr. Pierce have an Intoxilizer machine in his office? Pierce's answer: "No I don't. I've successfully defended numerous murder cases and I don't have a DNA lab in my office either. If an expert witness is needed to contest the science of the Intoxilizer, or the standardized field sobriety tests SFSTs , or anything else, then we hire the experts; but, in the vast majority of 1st time misdemeanor DUI cases, an expert witness is simply unnecessary, the same goes for a trial - typically unnecessary.

When you hire Terry L. Pierce, NO deal will be sought or struck until your case has been thoroughly examined to determine whether a dismissal, reduction to traffic offense, or a trial is a viable alternative to a guilty plea. Terry L. Sammy received her law degree from the University of Oklahoma School of Law and Michael A.

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Michael Risley received his B. Risley was awarded the American Bar Association's Curtin Fellowship for his work in alternative sentencing for homeless defendants. Unable to refuse the call of home, Mr.

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Risley returned to O. D in Risley was born in Singapore to his Norwegian mother and American father, and split his View Lawyer Profile Email Lawyer. Hayley Potts was born in Yeovil, a small town in southwest England.

While in England, Hayley worked with both barristers who worked in the criminal sector and with solicitors in drafting commercial leases, wills and land registration. In September, , Hayley moved to Oklahoma City as part of a pro bono exchange program called Amicus, where English law graduates assist in American capital defense teams.

Hayley was placed in the Oklahoma County Public Kellie S. Del City , OK Kellie Howell practices in all areas of family law and criminal defense. Prior to joining Sansone Howell, Ms. Turner American Inn of Court. Hill He honed his skills trying and negotiating cases as a public defender and has worked alongside some of the best criminal defense lawyers in the state. Last year alone, he received four acquittals, including one for first-degree murder.

The only thing that overshadows J. After moving to Oklahoma to study theology at Southern Nazarene University, he quickly realized that his calling was to stand up for others and help Pennsylvania Avenue Edmond , OK Any criminal charges in Oklahoma - whether for felony or misdemeanor offenses - can be very harsh. With her wide range of legal knowledge and ability, Debbie L. Smith can provide you with an efficient and effective defense when you are in need.

Your case could greatly benefit from the help and experience of a defense attorney who will work tirelessly on your behalf in order to help enhance your chances of a positive outcome in your case. Debbie Smith's experience as the Noble County Assistant District Attorney gave her great insight to become an effective criminal defense attorney.


My firm is conveniently located in Enid, Oklahoma with additional offices in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. My philosophy is simple: More preparation leads to better results. I represent clients throughout the State of Oklahoma charged with DUI, narcotics possession, drug trafficking, white collar crimes and other charges filed by the State. I also represent clients in automobile injury accidents, truck and tractor injuries, death claims, nursing home neglect and other personal injury claims.

I recognize that clients want results and that comes from hard work and preparation. The responsibility of representing my clients is something I take very seriously. Matt is a hardworking attorney that will treat you with dignity and respect while working to complete your case. He is experienced in many areas and can provide you advice or most issues.

Matt has developed a large network of experts and can handle your case with efficiency and timeliness. Free consultations! View Lawyer Profile. David Chandler Hamel Classen Blvd. Oklahoma City , OK David C. His primary area of practice is criminal defense, but represents clients in many areas of litigation. Hamel is a graduate of the Trial Lawyers College. Hamel firmly believes in a comprehensive approach to representing his clients both in and out of the court room.

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Ryan E. Emphasis on civil rights, criminal defense and consumer rights.