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Assisted by its friend the reindeer, the Schuco Father Christmas will be delivering presents again this year. There is also a big gingerbread man on the back seats of the lovingly decorated model. As is expected of Schuco models, a number of key features have been reproduced exactly with the greatest attention to detail.

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The VW T3 bus, the pick-up with tarpaulin and the box van are dispatched together in a high-quality display case. When the first 12 models in the Schuco-Piccolo series were launched in nobody had any idea at that stage that these models would still enjoy immense popularity sixty years later. This is no doubt attributed to the simple, robust and thus charming design of the models, which originally owed their appearance to the new die-cast technology of the time. Schuco Piccolos still make a good impression today on account of their excellent running qualities and their heavy zinc die-casting design like the VW Scirocco.

The successor to the Karmann Ghia which had been produced since — the VW Scirocco introduced in The Piccolo with the racy Scirocco imprint has a limited edition of A really great gift idea for all toy and car enthusiasts - the Schuco Piccolo assembly boxes. Packed in a smart and nostalgic gift box, one of the solid and iconic Schuco Piccolo models can be assembled in just a few minutes with a little practice.

The BMW Turbo X1 sports car was developed for the Olympics as a pure technology carrier and as a design item, with which to try out and demonstrate new safety concepts and propulsion technologies. For the first time in Europe, he had used a deformable plastic bumper. The aerodynamic sports car with the extremely flat, sleek bodywork, received as the highlight the characteristic gullwing doors. Many of the ideas and design details gained from the vehicle, such as the pop-up headlamps and the two BMW logos on the rear reappeared later on the BMW M1.

This line, consisting of resin as the material, stands for exceptional and highly filigree small series models. By means of this highgrade model material, it is possible to produce very rare and exotic exemplary vehicles in perfect quality and also in low and exclusive production runs.

Equipped with a BHP and 4 litre six-cylinder engine, the Aston Martin DB6 was one of the dream sports cars par excellence from onwards. During the breaks in hunting, you could have lunch or a picnic right next to the practical sports convertible. In , on the occasion of its year jubilee, BMW presented the compact, middle-class, 02 series saloon. Designed for BMW by the well-known bodywork company Baur in Stuttgart, from Baur also produced a full-size, 4-seat saloon and a Targa equipped with a roll bar for fresh air fans of the brand.

Schuco is going to produce in a limited edition of pieces a miniature model of this legendary BMW Cabrio to a scale of in the PRO R line. Like the , the was designed by Graf Goertz and, with its 3. Schuco presents the die-cast BMW with hardtop in scale. The Schuco model in elegant black with red Interior is, for the first time, available with an optional hardtop. The Schuco model has numerous fine details and, for the first time, is supplied with the newly developed hardtop.

The Schuco model has numerous fine details. Developed as a competitor model for the new Mercedes-Benz SL R model series, which was also introduced at the International Car Show, this wonderful and unique BMW convertible unfortunately never made it to series production. Just 3 prototypes of the so-called BMW i based on the E31 model series were ever built and subjected to a comprehensive series of test drives before it was decided in Munich to stop the Ci convertible project because of fear that it would be a financial flop.

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Schuco is going to produce in a limited edition of pieces a miniature model of this legendary BMW i to a scale of in the PRO R line. Schuco is going to produce in a limited edition of pieces a miniature model of this legendary BMW i Cabrio to a scale of in the PRO R line. Founded in in Pilsting as an agricultural machinery factory, Hans Glas GmbH of Dingolfing entered the lucrative two-wheel business at the start of the s with the production of its Goggo scooter.

A small car known as the Goggomobil was then launched in with great success, offering space for two adults and two children and costing 3, DM. In the years that followed, Glas evolved more and more into a serious manufacturer of cars. Due to its cc engine, the Isetta could also be driven on a motorcycle licence. Costing roughly 2, German marks, the Isetta helped draw many former motorcyclists into the world of cars. At total of , Isettas were manufactured between and This classic car of the economic miracle years is now presented by Schuco as a high-quality metal model of its Schuco Edition series.

Meticulously and elaborately crafted by hand, the model boasts a wide range of features.

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The big front door can be opened and closed, the prototypical, fully functional steering is fitted with an exact replica of the typical universal joint, while the removable engine cover provides a perfect view of the faithfully recreated engine. Even the typical sliding side windows of the export Isetta can be opened and closed, just like on the original. During the period of production, from to , a total of , Isettas were produced.

Schuco presents the die-cast BMW Isetta with trailer and luggage in scale. Schuco is going to produce a miniature model of this BMW Isetta to a scale of Edition models come with a metal body and chassis.

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These models are the perfect choice for model railways enthusiasts, diorama makers and die-hard model collectors. In addition to the prototypical wheel rims, the Schuco models stand out due to the many lovingly detailed components. Undoubtedly, the PS V12 engine under the bonnet would have made this dream car one of the fastest and most powerful road vehicles of its time.

Various design features distinguish this M8 from the standard BMW 8 series, including especially aerodynamic exterior mirrors and widely-flared wheel arches with air scoops in front of the driven rear wheels. Schuco now presents a miniature PRO. R line model of the BMW M8 in scale limited to copies worldwide. This series has become established as a small series model line made of resin that stands for extraordinary and highly sophisticated models.

You can't push it though. Only 6 left in stock more on the way. Beautiful little model, very pleased. Good model easy to follow instructions my hubby will love this for Christmas. Only 4 left in stock. Very good quality!!!

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Currently unavailable. Was a little slow to dispatch but worth the wait. See All Buying Options. This was perfect my dad cilollects these and he was delighted with his model.

Only 11 left in stock. Excellent model for the money and very prompt delivery. It is why a CMC model looks so genuine and why our collectors love to show them off. CMC Diecast model in scale have been seen as the pinnacle or scale model car collecting for over 20 years! We are committed to providing that same level of product for at least 20 more! This is a high-quality Model Car display case also known as a Showcase.

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This particular case is meant to house a scale or scale model by CMC. Christian J.

24 Cool Classic Cars That Are Perfect for a Collector on a Budget

It started to slip into the oblivion at the end of the sixties. This model will be furnished with black leather seats and a passenger-seat cover. M M M -M - M Collectors Bundles Are Here! The M Bundle Availble now! Click here to Order a Set!

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