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How often is my property evaluated? The General Property Tax Law requires all properties to be evaluated each year.

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This does not necessarily mean that a field inspection is made of each property every year. The Assessing Department attempts to do a field inspection of each property in the Township once every five years.

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How is my assessed value determined? The land value is determined based on sales of vacant land that have occurred within the Marion Township. The building value is determined by the size and features of the structure using the State Assessors Cost Manual which contains average construction costs for the State of Michigan.

The resulting cost is adjusted by a county multiplier that will adjust the State costs to Livingston County costs. Then the cost is depreciated depending on the age and condition of the building and is further adjusted by an economic condition factor ECF , which adjust the value to the Marion Township sales market.

The building value is added to the land value for a true cash value.

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  8. How can I appeal my assessed value? Once you receive your Notice of Change of Assessment late February , if you disagree with any of the information, you can call the assessing office and the assessor can review the assessment card with you. Sometimes, your concerns can be resolved without making a formal appeal with the Board of Review. The dates and times of the meetings are printed on the Notice of Change of Assessment that you receive in late February.

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