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Another woman, whose name was not released, was also denied immediate medical care when she was in the jail July 27 of this year and her newborn died, according to the lawsuit. In their report, which identified the mother only as Ciera S.

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The mother also told authorities during a prenatal evaluation that she was daily smoking marijuana, according to the report prepared by Deputy District Attorney Craig Williams. The inmate pressed an emergency button in her cell on May 12, , because of stomach cramps and vaginal bleeding.

It was determined later she had a severe infection, and when she tried to relieve cramping and pain with a bowel movement, she started delivering the baby, Williams said.

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An autopsy showed the miscarriage was due to "intra-uterine demise associated with placental infraction and chorioamnionitis," and that the death was natural, according to the report. The lawsuit alleges that one plaintiff has been in disciplinary isolation for five years, and another, Jonathan Tieu, who was among a group who escaped from the jail in January , was locked down for all but an hour a day until recently. Other high-profile inmates named in the lawsuit include Johnny Martinez, who some authorities speculate is the new leader of the Orange County branch of the Mexican Mafia in the wake of Peter Ojeda's death, and Joshua Warning, the son of a former "Real Housewives of Orange County" cast member.

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When he was offered personal counseling it was from a sheriff's deputy who is also a minister, and he felt "uncomfortable" doing confession with a law enforcement officer, his attorney Richard Herman said. Martinez, who led a hunger strike in the jail, is charged with several others in a gang-related attack on one man in Placentia and the murder of another man for allegedly not paying "taxes" to the gang on drug sales.

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Waring complains in the lawsuit that he is also being denied access to religious services. He also alleges that after making complaints, he was re-designated from a high-profile inmate vulnerable to attacks in the jail and thrown in a cell with gang members so he would be attacked.

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Waring, who is facing trial on attempted murder charges in Costa Mesa, also was thrown in a "rubber room" naked and denied access to medication for seizures, according to the lawsuit, which alleges he was also attacked by sheriff's deputies with pepper balls as retaliation for complaints he made while in custody. Herman said that this week, he will seek a temporary restraining order granting more access to religious services for inmates. The lawsuit also alleges that sheriff's officials were taking complaints and characterizing them as "requests" instead of "grievances," so they would not have to go through a legal process of addressing them.

Attorneys Stephen Bartol, Walter Cole and Ronald MacGregor are named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which alleges that the sheriff's contractor that handled inmates' calls to their lawyers recorded thousands of those calls and allowed law enforcement to monitor some of them. The County of Orange cannot attest to the accuracy of the information provided by the linked websites.

Any link to an external website is not intended as an endorsement of that external website, any product or service offered or referenced to or any views that might be expressed or referenced therein. Current Agency.

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Correctional Health Services. Adult Correctional Health Services. Medical Services Adult Correctional Health Services ACHS provides medical, dental, nursing, infection control, health education and pharmaceutical services at a community standard of care to all adult inmates in the County's five correctional facilities and contracts with hospitals for inpatient and specialty care.