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It also provides a list of cities the individual has lived in, and possible relatives, which can help narrow down the list, if the search provides numerous potential matches. Government Registry searches billions of records, from marriage and death certificates to criminal arrest records. To search for a divorce record, you need only provide the individual's first and last name to conduct the search - approximate age, city and state are optional the default search is nationwide , although the more information you have, the better the results.

Then, the site will provide you with a list of possible matches. Similar to Court Records Finder, Search Quarry allows you to search for a divorce record using the individual's first and last name and state of residence. Search Quarry then provides you a list of possible matches containing the individual's name, age, cities lived in and possible relatives.

Unlike the other sites, Search Quarry will allow you to view the entire report free of charge during a free, five-day trial membership. VitalChek is an official, government-authorized provider of vital records that can provide you with certified copies of divorce certificates from 24 states. However, you cannot conduct a search based on partial information, like some of the other search sites.

Background of Illinois Vital Records

VitalChek is easy to use - input the individual's first and last name, the city and state where the divorce was finalized, the date of the divorce, and the reason for your request. Then, VitalCheck will process and submit your request to the appropriate government agency. If you can visit the court that granted the divorce, you may be able to view the entire divorce record for free, although you must pay for photocopies or certified copies of the divorce certificate.

If you cannot visit the courthouse, you may be able to submit a records request online. Many courthouses allow users to search online for divorce records.

How to get copies of your court records

Some charge a fee to search; for others, searches are free, and you pay only for copies of documents plus any mailing costs. You can request a copy of the divorce certificate through the state's vital records department. You must submit an application with the requested information which may vary among states and pay the required fee.

The Centers for Disease Control and Protection maintains a list of contacts for the vital records department in every U. Many public records sites can search for records with as little as the individual's first and last name.

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However, better information leads to more accurate results, and more accurate results save you from sifting through potentially thousands of possible matches and from wasting money purchasing records or reports that turn out to be the wrong individual. The following information can help refine your search:.

While divorce records are public, there are situations in which the file may be sealed. Freedom of information is one of the pillars of modern US society. It means any member of the public has the right of access to any information produced by a government body and deemed not subject to confidentiality legislation.

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While the main provisions of the Freedom of Information Act are universally applicable across states, each state has in addition its own law governing the access to public records. In Illinois, a lot of this information is freely available online, since the state has no restrictions on what one can do with public records once they get access to them. The agencies that act as custodians of public records commonly provide easy to use online search resources, which considerably shorten the time you need to spend on such an inquiry.

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However, not all public records are available online, in which case you would need to contact the custodian agency directly. While documents such as Illinois birth certificates and marriage certificates are among the most commonly requested, they are not, in fact, public records and only a limited number of people are allowed access to them, in light of the private information they contain.

However, with proof of eligibility you can easily receive a certified copy of the record you need. The central hub for vital records, including birth and death certificates, but not marriage, civil union, and divorce and civil union dissolution records, is the Illinois Department of Health. Copies can be ordered by mail or in person at the Department, at the Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Vital Records, East Ridgely Avenue, Springfield, Illinois , with a check or money order for the fees such a request is subject to.

Alternately, you can request a birth certificate copy by fax or online, using the services of the third party VitalChek and paying with a credit card. Copies of death certificates can be requested by family members of the deceased person or by people with a property right interest, where property right refers to co-ownership of a tangible property, such as a vehicle or real estate, as proven by a car title or a deed.

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The Department of Health issues two types of death certificate copies, certified and uncertified. The former can be used for legal purposes, while the latter is issued for research and genealogical purposes. Marriage and civil union records, as well as divorce and civil union dissolution records, are available from the respective county authorities. These include the county clerk for marriages and civil unions, and the circuit court clerk for divorces and dissolutions.